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Landscaping and Landscape design

From paper or cad software to completed project you can trust we have what it takes to revamp a existing landscape , or create one from scratch to increase your homes curb appeal

Lawn maintenance

Weekly lawn care is the key that keeps your lawn looking well groomed and up to par . our lawn care crews take pride in there craft and leave every lawn like it was there own .

Landscape Lighting and Design

Up lights , down lights or well lights and even path lights .. this can all sound like a foreign language but we have the knowledge and experience to chose the right products to allow you to enjoy your outdoors spaces 24 hours a day and also add some security to your property


from paver patios , walkways or fire pits and mail boxes we can customize a backyard oasis or a beautiful front yard walkway to fit every style

fertilizer and weed control

Here at perfect turf we take every lawn seriously . and that means applying the right chemicals and the right fertilizers to make sure your lawn is healthy and beautiful . we are licensed in turf and ornamental pesticide to ensure we apply the right products and the best products on the market . unlicensed businesses can kill your lawn or plants by not having the knowledge needed to correctly treat many problems

Aeration and seeding

aeration is a practice that increases the overall health of your turf by breaking up compaction and allowing oxygen and nutrients to re enter the soil . adding seed in this process also helps repair any dead spots that might have arose in the summer months or from weeds being removed

Snow and ice management

snow and ice are a hazard to our bodies , back injuries that occur from shoveling or slip and falls that happen due to icy conditions . Perfect turf has a 24 hour storm management center that keeps a eye on the storm  to make sure your protected from the hazards of old man winter 

These are just some of the many services we offer our customers here at Perfect turf . you can also reach out to us today with any questions about your project